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What is Qi?

Qi or ch'i or ki ( simplified Chinese: 气; traditional Chinese: 氣; pinyin: qì)

As described in traditions of the Far East,  Qi is the “energy” of life. in Sanskrit referred to as ‘Prana’, and ‘Ki’ in Japanese. According to Different perceptions in the East, the Qi is the force that drives life, who enables the existence of all living things and drives the energy of reproduction, change, motion, nurishment and and sleep.

There are similarities between the Qi and the definitions of the soul in Lurian Kabbalah and Jewish philosophy, with a slightly different approach.

The term Qi exists in Far Eastern Religions, Martial Arts, and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Qigong’s roots date back thousands of years ago, and various styles have evolved over the years. In the 80’s, after research and experiment with Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, Philosophy, Science, Chinese and Modern Medicine and Various Martial Arts- Dr Pang began practicing and evolving Zhineng Qigong The meaning of the word Zhineng: Zhi- Wisdom \ Neng- Ability Zhineng qigong is a system of practice and theory whose purpose seeks to explain the rules of the universe, including those of human life. Practitioners of Zhineng Qigong use consciousness actively to instigate Qi and awaken changes in their body. Many of you are familiar with the effective healing powers of such practice. In contrast to other practice methods,

Zhineng Qigong is considered to be an Open Style technique- the Qi field and consciousness of the practitioner are connected from beginning to the outside world and swap Qi. The main theory in the basis of practice is called “Hunyuan Entirety Theory”. It claims that everything in the universe is the embodiment of Hunyan Qi, visible or not. Different types and levels of Qi can affect each other and even cause transduction.

All Hunyuan Qi are connected as connected as one (Entirety). This Qi is the origin of all of the universe. The developer of Zhineng Qigong- Dr. Pang claims Hunyuan Qi exist in three levels: Matter, Energy (in a wider definition than western standards) and Information, and information. Xing, Qi, Shen: Physical body, Qi, Consciousness. Practicing Zhineng Qigong is known for its disease curing powers, it also helps through every aspect of life and other practices such as Sports, Arts, Science etc…


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